Welcome to Manners4Minors and thank you for enrolling your child onto our program. Here you will learn more about Manners4Minors, how to use your Home Merit System chart and the Manners4Minors App.  Notice how quickly the children relate and share what they have learnt that week.


Access your Manners4Minors App here

Not sure what types of chores to assign to your child? Download our Age Appropriate Chores for your child. Keep in mind this list is not exhaustive. You can add your own chores as long as your child has the development skills to complete the tasks. Just because your child is a certain age chronologically does not mean they are developmentally able to complete skills appropriate for that age. Your child needs to have developed fine and gross motor skills in order to complete many tasks.

Why MIAS are important:   When using the Home/Class Chart, depending on the scale achieved that week, i.e. 1, 2 or 3 stars, Miss Manners will allocate a MIA. 

These are to be kept by the child (with a little guidance, if necessary) as part of the lesson of responsibility.  Please do not micro manage this for your child.   MIAs will not be replaced by Miss Manners.

Miss Manners will, from time to time, provide a means of “spending” the MIAs accumulated, and this brings much excitement and pride – and sometimes, disappointment if the MIAs have been misplaced or lost.

Allow your child to process this disappointment in a scenario that really has no consequence, other than sadness.  It is a very important learning and should be allowed to take its course.  Often, during the years, we have been called late in the evening by parents who realise that there will be a “Manners4Minors Shop” the next day and their children have misplaced or not cared for their MIAs during the term, even offering to buy some.  Please allow consequence to take its course – it is a very powerful moment if you allow it. 


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