Building my Armies Manners Lesson

A fun lesson on health and hygiene

What is in store for your little one?

This lesson extends from a lesson in our program on healthy lunchboxes, but given the position we are in, it had to include the it more about hygiene, healthy eating habits, drinking water and how it builds our immune system.  Germs don’t enjoy healthy bodies. 

We want to encourage the eating of healthy and raw foods daily but show that there is still a little space for treats such as sweets, cakes and crisps now and again.

Initially it was only meant for access to Manners4Minors students, but with Bianca Wolstenholm’s generosity – she did not hesitate when I suggested that we share it with all children free-of-charge.  We really hope that after watching, you will experience the power of Miss Manners and our four puppets.

WARNING:  These children are SMART and will start having opinion on your shopping. 

About the Miss Manners

Bianca Wolstenholme

Miss Manners Parklands / Tableview / Blouberg

I have loved every minute of being a Miss Manners from when I was given a life-changing opportunity to join Manners4Minors at the very early stages in January 2008 to now, 2020. My calling has always been to teach and guide others and being a Miss Manners allows me to fulfill so many of my passions, from working with children and running a business to being creative and brainstorming. The laughs and hugs I get from the little ones make every day a gift, over and over, and to see them practice what they have just learnt makes my heart grow ten-fold. I love interacting with and leading children in the right direction, and knowing I can make a difference drives me each day.